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Bureau divine talking is moved into the net to swim ” Xi Chuba king ” brand-new weather system uncovers secret

” Xi Chuba king ” black town news briefing fell on March 18 next heavy curtain, bureau Zhang Shaozhong is right ” Xi Chuba king ” weather system praises greatly, taking ” grandchildren strategics ” mix to Tang Guojiang ” Xi Chuba king ” product manager explains the classic a specific example of a battle that uses weather changeover war situation. Look the news briefing is asked bureau attend, was to play very big a dish of chess. You reader lord, we should not tell bureau must receive Netease originality to expend?

Mist haze is the best defence of pair of American laser weapons, man-made aerolite rain adds acid rain to be able to blow up aircraft carrier bureau it is to value the natural weather influence to the war so, no matter your letter is not believed, ” Xi Chuba king ” in be to accomplish.

The first element that changes war situation is rainfall. Country in battle if appear wet, the ability of division of divine animal rain can be obtained increase, enemy eye shot of my both sides can drop somewhat, right now Chen Tang closes can be flooded by heavy rain, want to arrive at Tong to close to must want bypass to walk. The if encounter loblolly,can win addition of a speed Buff in march process, enemy my both sides can borrow this Buff to start concussion, meet the enemy head-on.

Fresh gale comes over wear the cloud to close will shut col, eye shot drops substantially, the guild before prep against wind obtains a decelerate Buff of 5% , had walked along area of sanded dust storm to be able to raise physical defence. Divine animal wind uncle the superhuman strength that gains wind, and meet additional have a technical ability.

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