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Differred government-owned announce Best Buy is divulged ” goddess different Wen Lu 5 ” NS edition information

Regard the whole world as the retail group of the biggest electric home appliances<gj and electronic product, best Buy (100 think of buy) scheme of tiring-room system check was divulged recently come out, show in the graph " goddess different Wen Lu 5 " the pertinent information of NS edition has uploaded through tiring-room, and have foreign netizen confirm on Twitter, this is the tiring-room interface of Best Buy really. Cut of system of Best Buy tiring-room pursues: Foreign netizen confirmed authentic sex on Twitter: Can see from inside the graph, " goddess different Wen Lu 5 " NS edition price is 59.99 dollars, the price also is regular psychological price, detailed game information also draws up in tail section scheme, just do not have time of specific put on sale. After this, an ID confirmed for the foreign netizen of Wario64 this is the tiring-room system interface of Best Buy, look " goddess different Wen Lu 5 " those who ascend Switch platform to need the government only is formal announced. In the meantime, best Buy still divulged " Miteluode: Prime trilogy " and " Saierda is fabulous: Thearchy triangle force " pertinent information, do not have time of specific put on sale likewise. Relevant section pursues: " goddess different Wen Lu 5 " vermicelli made from bean starch people await patiently please, believe " P5 " can bring NS players different game experience.

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