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” Gu Jianji Tan 3 ” go up formally a day of Steam shop put on sale and price were not announced

” Gu Jianji Tan 3 ” already at official on November 23, 2018 put on sale, a WeGame goes up before, price 99 yuan. Now ” Gu Jianji Tan 3 ” go up formally a Steam shop, date of put on sale and price of short duration were not announced.

” Gu Jianji Tan 3 ” it is by Shanghai candle dragon the large 3D of own research and development makes stand-alone part act game immediately completely, world outlook exhibited remote demon region from Chang Shita. Game with brand-new picture show, bring a player more the game world experience with real press close to. This making use pattern of completely instant battle, played a law to undertake design and attune actor or actress many rounds to the core of warfare system, the blow in promoting a battle the process in the round feels and fluent degree. In addition, at the same time supportive handle, ACT, RPG3 plants game to operate mode differently.

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