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Any exterior or in-house elements, make spirit het-up, can bring about our intelligence overbalance. Accordingly, nerve function can get block up, spirit is harmonious also begin abate, what some people’s immanent change develops is some slower, some are fast. This may reflect any sides in our life.

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Be in het-up state (het-up include, empty, depressed, nervous, indignant, melancholy is waited a moment) can bring about nerve to lose harmonious function, cause the disease on spirit further. Its result, the individual’s thought, behavior, bearing, bearing and the view to the problem, can lose pilot ability (of course, the ability that the share just loses when we often discover) , appear all sorts of expression that exceed normal and behavior.

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Why sexual distinction, any countries and the person of any societies and economic setting, kill possibly by its. Then, appear before us two problems: The first, the disease that how checks with what change spirit brings about we think and problem; The 2nd, if why be reached,control intelligence, let spirit restore to think to me healthy position.

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