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Article introduction

Should becoming an operation only need to make drug, but the appearance that also cannot eliminate to may be put in a few sequela after making drug, for instance accurate mom needs to undertake Caesarean birth, in Caesarean birth when need makes drug ahead of schedule, because cut what fleshy dispute often aches directly, when making drug need notices anaesthesia, may cause a few little reaction, disgusting vomiting or it is aching, need notices to had made these segment.

 Make drug disgusting

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia one: Of art hind anaesthesia alleviate

The operation after the puerpera is anaesthetic begins formally, the puerpera after the operation is advanced to recover room, keep 1 ~ here 2 hours, the accident of specific time is decided according to use anaesthetic method. If the puerpera is used, is putamen outside or spinal cord is anaesthetic, should be in then

Rehabilitation room stays to below half body to recover consciousness, can till twist double leg. If adopt, is general anesthesia, that is about to stay to in rehabilitation room recover consciousness completely.

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia 2: The ache of anaesthesia hind

If had been produced through trying before pregnant woman Caesarean birth, regular systole of the uterus causes stronger keenly feel, and pregnant woman is more tired out, it is after anaesthesia, as palaceForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Disappear, anguish removes, 1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Some pregnant woman immediately are met 8 sleep, anaesthetic effect is first-rate.

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But the case that also is put in anaesthetic effect to owe beautiful, so taking fetal and; Wash abdominal cavity (so called clang clang underwater acoustic) when, by pull pulling the anguish that cause is very afflictive. The doctor can use some of demulcent and composed drug after infantile childbirth goes out in order to alleviate the puerpera’s anguish, such puerperas can have very strong drowsiness, reduce aching feeling thereby.

 Make drug disgusting

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia 3: What anaesthesia causes is undesirable and sequential

The data according to medical bound statistic makes clear, 20 centuries after 90 time, paunch yield rises apparently. Although all sorts of premature make a diagnosis and give treatment are mixedFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Rescue technology already rose somewhat, but the mortality of paunch newborn baby is taller still. Because,this is, the Caesarean operation causes infection very easily, even if anaesthetic process causes a variety of complication possibly, say to begin from anaesthesia so, mu Ying’s danger also began together. because of such, national sanitation branch is very strict also to the regulation of dope. Sex of general anesthesia danger also is very outstanding.

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia 4: Anaesthetic caused complication

When Caesarean birth if use local anaesthesia, some puerperas may feel serious headacheForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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, also some of person can feel backache, different symptom because of the person different. When adopting general anesthesia, possible feeling is dizzy, guttural hair works and acerb, feel possibly also disgusting and vomit. If herion was used in narcotic, the puerpera still may feel all over scratchy, the 24 ~ after these side-effect will be being produced disappear gradually inside 48 hours.

Sequela of Caesarean birth anaesthesia 5: The accident circumstance with medium anaesthesia

In local anaesthesia process, the anaesthesia outside putamen is a kind of anaesthetic means that often is used, this law can have certain interference effect to haemal circulatory system, reason is being used just must go carefully in the process. If be asked for integratedly to gravid hypertension, the puerpera with undesirable, uncooperative function of acting countervail of anaemic, heart takes this kind of anaesthetic step, probable conference appears contingency, the life that endangers Mu Ying is safe.

 Make drug disgusting

General anesthesia needs to undertake spile of tracheal inner tube, and the puerpera is pregnant the change on physiology, undertake spile of tracheal inner tube has certain difficulty, once intubate fails, the puerpera will face life risk. Although say dope can alleviate,the puerpera is producing the ache in the process, but also have certain side effect, in choosing a course, must careful, lest cause needless harm to Mu Ying.

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