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Article introduction

In the life, a lot of people like to become warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, this kind of practice is influential to the nerve of leg ministry, so cannot often become warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee. If we are sent1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Show oneself to cannot become warped cross-legged or with ankle on knee, it is likely be injured because of nerve or bones and muscles pulls an injury to wait, we need to undertake leg ministry nerval is massaged, and have medicinal liquor wipe leg ministry extend into, alleviate pressure of leg ministry nerval and stimulative nerval pulls become enamoured condition.

Cannot cross one's legs sits is what reason

1. chooses suitable cushion, create favorable exercise environment

When dish go up after the leg, the force of the body overwhelms on end gate, and end gate bone very flimsy, so double plate must sit cushion or gem gal mat. Double plateShanghai night net

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When, end gate bone a strong point, can’t make sure the body is medium, to make sure the body is balanced, also need to fill up cushion to ease the pressure of end gate bone when double plate. Division says south, double plate kongfu also should add; of one small cushion very much the 10 thousand division on travel also say, use cushion, enrage your tail bone on ability. Cushion purpose is to let human body centre of gravity fall in the foot dish go up. Such meetings quicken energy (gas) agglomeration is in foot dish, quicken ” patience ” .

If double plate knee leaves the ground tall,suggest, the cushion that is large drop really is better, if double plate knee reachs the ground,had compared with small cushion. In the meantime, need notices exercise environment is very important also, winter, Leng Tian should notice the protection of two genu and waist, notice heat preservation, cannot make air cooling direct be blown to body front to mix from the back, air convection had better not be being blown to the person, avoid get cold.

Cannot cross one's legs sits is what reason

2. must do good body drawing and warm up

The warm up before warm up and double plate very be necessary. Preparation practices can pressing the measure warm up of the face prepares:

Begin from mobile bones and muscles first, sit in cushion to go up a waist is erect, crural unbend, begin mobile double foot. First dish a foot rises, next left and right sideses move hip joint on. Noting an end is mobile hip joint, not be knee or ankle, the foot of unbend should be placed calm not messy. Next, body proneness, let crus of head press close to. If press no less than going to really, hold double foot with both hands, suit 9 minutes to make two legsShanghai night net

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Get drawing respectively.

3. early days is only dish the exercise transfers very be necessary

Odd dish, call odd Jia Fu again, be sit in nature the foundation that reviews experienced result method also is double plate further on the foundation.

It is OK to just began a practice dish have a foot, do a few into rank drawing activity, pitch of attempt general body, stick to the ground, do what do not come to be given priority to in order to loosen the body, this movement maintains 1-2 minute. A lot of people drill in double plate previously, what should experience a few months is odd dish of exercise, every time odd dish maintain half hour above to change crural practice again as far as possible. The bones and muscles that calculates you is very hard, odd dish when high cock also belongs to leg ministry normal phenomenon, still want to hold to practice!

Cannot cross one's legs sits is what reason

4. body has sat firm base with respect to not very painful

The requirement of experienced double plate, two knee can the pose that touchdown just is a standard, the person that drill first can be in below hip since mat 2, 3 inches tall. Body core is not stable, from time to time bowing is no good. The body has sat firm it is key of analgesic of ability to walk. In wanting to notice to hold the body at any time.

The heart maintains to loosen when remembering doing these, pull not forcedly press forcedly, can be just the opposite to what one wished in that way. In the process of drawing, the bones and muscles that him imagination stretchs tight closely originally slowly sodden.

Experienced double plate, can promote gastric bowel peristalsis quickly. But the principle that gem gal practices should abiding by successive, begin a practice with ” short when for many times ” advisable. If leg of direct double plate sits,feel very uncomfortable must stop, can use most of the foundation simple and easy sit, odd dish asA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Transfer, deepen an exercise ceaselessly.

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