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[add flesh one day to eat a few eggs] _ adds fat _ how to eat –

Article introduction

Many people are exercising now, exercise to make add muscle again, can strengthen the muscle of the body, want to notice in gymnastical process nevertheless, dietary respect is very important, still have the person that is a lot of fitness, meeting choice drinks albumen pink, because albumen pink is drunk morer,can let the flesh becomeLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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More close fact, the egg eating when adding muscle also is possible, what skill does gymnastical person have when eating an egg?

 Add flesh one day to eat a few eggs

The egg contains all nurture with indispensible human body to pledge almost, mix like element of protein, adipose, yolk, lecithin, vitamin iron, calcic, Potassium, be called the nutrient library ” of ” ideal by people.

The person that often has athletic fitness if can the dietary habit that nurturance often has an egg, that is to conduce to those who add muscle, to wanting the friend that improve the healthShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Friendly people for it is very helpful, so, fitness person it a few eggs eat one day is good to a few eggs eat one day? To this, gymnastical expert points out, the measure that takes an egg should decide according to the age.  

The nutrition in an egg is tie-in most accord with muscle to grow need, be most the force training of economic material benefit assists food.

One, eat an egg why conduce adds muscle

An egg makes an appointment with 50 grams again, contain protein 7 grams, adipose 6 grams, can produce heat to measure 82 kilocalorie, its amino acerbity scale fits need of human body physiology very much, be absorbed extremely easily by airframe, and utilization rate is as high as 98% . The content of A of the calcium in the egg, phosphor, iron and vitamin, B is very high, they are long sarcous best composition.

Additional, what a big yoke contains 4-5 to overcome is adipose, also be beneficial to heart health not saturated and adipose. The vitamin B that its contain a lot ofcan be decomposed adipose, help repair cell film, be beneficial to muscle to grow.

 Add flesh one day to eat a few eggs

2, should eat how many egg according to age judgement

Although the gymnastical effect that takes an egg is good, but should not be overmuch as much, especially to often for canvasser, eat an egg to increase the burden of liver and kidney easily too much, force training suits each ages paragraph person, optimal also want a foundation into appetite the age paragraph will distinguish, normally the old person eats 1-2 everyday, the youth eats 2 everyday in, hard physical labor person, can eat 2-3 everyday, the metabolization of children is fast, also can eat 2-3 everyday.

Gymnastical expert hints: Eat an egg to conduce to growth muscle, eat a few eggs to need a basis very much fitness person the age and calm, gymnastical food needs to notice nutrition is balanced, so fitness person also cannot eat an egg only, even compensatory and other edibles, especially carnivorous.

3, the effect of the egg and action

Beneficial of 1. be good at head wisdom

The egg can add muscle eat an egg what to have advantage

The egg eats a few appropriate1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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The egg is right neurological have very big effect with body development, the choline that contains among them is ameliorable the memory of each age group.

 Add flesh one day to eat a few eggs

2. protects liver

The protein in the egg organizes injury to have repair effect to liver, the lecithin in yoke can promote the second birth of liver cell. Still can increase amount of albumen of human body plasma, enhance the metabolization function of human body and immune function.

Arteriosclerosis of 3. prevention and cure

American dietetics the home and medical labourShanghai night net

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The author prevents and cure with the egg arterial congee appearance is sclerotic, achieved unexpected breathtaking result, they extract lecithin from inside egg, walnut, pork liver, give everyday suffer from a heart and vesselsLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The patient eats 4 ~ 6 spoon. After 3 months, serum cholesterol of the patient drops significantly, achieve satisfactory result.

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