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Article introduction

What people sees towel gourd in daily life is very common, actually towel gourd also is having his classification, a lot of people understand this not quite, after all oneself are not a farmer not be dietetics home, epicure more. Want to say the sort of towel gourd, most famous is anise towel gourd, because its appearance is more special,be, have 8 edge, because this was gotten1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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This name. So, what is the practice of anise towel gourd?

What is the practice of anise towel gourd?

Towel gourd (Luffacylindrica) is the same as1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Belong to plant approximately, distinction depends on this planting having fore-and-aft edge if really, the leaf has thick toothed. Its color is bottle green more, green. Utility is the same as towel gourd. But edible, mouthfeel is delicate, take a Qing Dynasty sweet, the gender is cool. Make vegetable help advance somebody’s career more with the skin thin, flesh thick, juice is much, but meat or fish but element, but dish but stuffing and be fond of by people suffer. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks horny melon has clear hot diuresis, except irritated stop lung of thirsty, embellish relieves a cough, subsidence of a swelling comes loose the function of the knot. Can use at assisting remedial oedema poison of abdominal distension, irritated thirsty, sore withForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Reach the disease such as ascites of cirrhosis of nephritis, liver. Horny melon contains a kind of interferon lure unripe agent, can stimulate airframe to produce interferon, enhance immune power, play fights the action of virus and tumour. Horny melon contains a lot ofmoisture, have the effect that moist skins.


Of anise towel gourd feed a law to have mix, boil in water for a while, fry, gather up, burn, stew, stew, do boiling water, make the stuffing, first class that make jar, it is melon kind a the edible in vegetable is more extensive kind. Horny melon nutrition is rich, every 500 grams are containedLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Protein is 4.5 grams, adipose 1 gram, carbohydrate element of gram of 16.5 grams, crude fibre L, sulfur amine 0.05 milligram, riboflavin 0.05 milligram, ascorbic acid 45 milligram, vitamin E4.45 milligram, Nick is acerbity 1.5 milligram, carotene is 0.05 milligram and calcium, phosphor, Potassium, magnesian. Join a crowd: Average person but edible.

Towel gourd practice

Towel gourd of peach kernel of practice of anise towel gourd advocate makings: Condiment of towel gourd, walnutmeat: Essence of ginger, refined salt, cooking wine, chicken broth, starch, chicken, peanut oil (gallinaceous essence needs a few)

What is the practice of anise towel gourd?

Cook a method

1, the skin shucks after using walnutmeat bleb abluent and stand-by

2, go to towel gourd Laopi, cut grow into 4 centimeters paragraph

3, sit boiler ignition puts oil, oil is lukewarm 4 when becoming heat, after walnutmeat, towel gourd is fully slippery, drop does oily;

4, more than oil takes inside boiler, oily heat puts Jiang Mo to give sweet smell, walnutmeat, towel gourd, cooking wine, salt breaks up fry even hind the starch that use water ticks off thin Gorgon euryale, drench chicken is oily can.

Towel gourd of cold and dressed with sause

Material: Towel gourd is 300 fair grams, tender ginger is 20 fair grams, red turnip 30 fair grams.

Flavoring: SaltFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Vinegar of big spoon of 1/2 small spoon, 1/2 of fine rock candy, fruit (usable lemon juice is replaced) 2 big spoon.

Practice: 1. Towel gourd flay cuts about 1 centimeter wide fine, tender ginger and red turnip wash clean flay to cut filament.

2.Good processing stuff mixes together completely, join salt, vinegar and rock candy to mix divide evenly, after putting freezer about 2 hours can edible.

What is the practice of anise towel gourd?

Blueness fries towel gourd

Raw material: Towel gourd 3, egg, salt, lardy, amylaceous.

The method that make:

1.towel gourd flay, hob cuts small.

2.The egg is hit into egg flower.

3.Next oil inside boiler burn heat, next frangipani break up fry, the egg shapes, equestrian fluctuation towel gourd breaks up fry.

4.Salt of nowadays of towel gourd Microsoft flavors, put a few starch, make soup juice becomes thick stiff. Break up againShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Fry have pot namely.

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