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[protect liver to raise liver cookbook] how does _ of _ conserve liver do –

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Very important to the person, it is the peptic with the largest human body, once liver appears problem, constant regular meeting brings about a variety of symptoms to behave, cause cirrhosis of fatty liver, liver easily, even cancer of the liver, say to the work that raises liver to protect liver should have been done among the life at ordinary times so, OK at ordinary times from dietary proceed with, eat the food that contains a lot ofvitamin C more, eat vegetable of a few fruits to wait a moment more, we will look to protect liver to raise the cookbook of liver.

Protect liver to raise liver cookbook

Protect liver to raise liver cookbook

1, eat honey bubble garlic

The nutrient composition union of the mineral component reaching candy that contains in honey and garlic rises1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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, can enhance hepatic function. Garlic belongs to hot excitant food, can stimulate gastric mucous membrane, eat to still can cause a mouth to work afterwards, and honey is had be good at lienal, with the stomach, action that raises shade. Accordingly, eat the garlic that honey has immersed, can make up for garlic to hurt the defect of shade, still can protect gastric mucous membrane better. The edible time of honey bubble garlic had better be after dinner, patient of disease of liver, kidney should avoid edible during cure.

Protect liver to raise liver cookbook

2, water of red jujube bubble

Gong Zaofu contains amino acid, they are helpful for protein synthesis, can prevent low eggNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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White symptom, achieve be good at lienal the goal that raises liver. Water of red jujube bubble, can raise liver to discharge poison. Consider to discover, daily to liver function wronger confluence drinks big jujube water, can enhance body serum albumen one week later continuously, achieve the dietotherapy effect of the poison that protect liver thereby.

3, the food that contains a lot ofVc

The food conduce liver that contains a lot ofVc is alexipharmic, having first-rate effect to protecting liver to protect liver. For example tomato, orange is the has effect of very good method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood food that everybody likes, what can regard hepatitis as the patient is daily and prandial.

But cannot feed more, feed easy get angry more, hollow edible hurts a stomach.

4, eat cyan food

The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine is exquisite ” 5 kinds enter the five internal organs ” , cyan enters liver, if lung, yellow enters kidney into lienal, black,red joins heart, white. Cyan enters liver, eat the food of some of cyan more, have profit to liver. There also is depth arrangement in the hospital the blue of each different and green, often make a patient quiet so, conduce to rehabilitation. We see greenery more at ordinary times, also can yet be regarded as grows liver good method.

5, often eat curry meal

Publish at ” periodical of enteron of British cure society ” a research above brought good news to everybody: The turmeric element in cheap and delicate curry meal has very good effect to protecting liver. Curry is to contain one of food with turmeric the richest element. Already a lot of research confirm, turmeric element has very high health care value, gawkish to preventing old age, certain cancer has beat back showing the result.

Protect liver to raise liver cookbook

6, much acid taking a place

Entering liver with acid is to show edible acidity food or medicaments can raise liver. In diet, can eat food of a few acidity appropriately, be like hawkthornShanghai Long Feng forum

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, the; acidity food such as orange, grape is not all the year round appropriate1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Eat, when spring diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is for instance exuberant, can not eat food of too much acidity, can cause diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain to be filled too otherwise, influence human bodyLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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