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[recipe of improved moon cake] how does _ of _ improved practice make –

Article introduction

Although moon cake is a kind of traditional cate that just eats to the Mid-autumn Festival, but we also are to be able to eat at ordinary times, because moon cake contains taller candy part, do not suit to eat so too much, but the buildup as idea of people preserve one’s health, recipe of improved moon cake becomes everybody’s more welcome cate. Now, besides traditional monthFall in love with the sea

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Cake, the moon cake that do not have candy also makes a kind of trend, satisfied those to cannot have the desire of candy person.

 Recipe of improved moon cake

With makings:

Water outermost layer of skin: Flour 200 grams, water 90 grams, corn is oily 70 grams (originally lardy changed vegetable oil)

Short: Flour 160 grams, corn is oily 80 grams.

Cake stuffing: Pork 200 grams, hot pickled mustard tuber is 60 grams, salt, Jiang Mo, onion powder, cooking wine, black pepper, old smoke

Adornment: Egg, Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

Shanghai noble baby communicates an area
Hei Zhi hemp


1. pork chop becomes stuffing, come toward agitate of a direction forcibly energetically. Add green ginger end, hot pickled mustard tuber immerses with water, after saline taste of take out surface mincing also, fall into meat stuffing. According to oneself taste joins other condiment.

 Recipe of improved moon cake

? The meat stuffing after agitate energetically tastes bouncier, mouthfeel is better.

? Fresh pork moon cake chooses 3 share out ill-gotten gains 7 minutes commonly thin steaky pork, what I use today is pure lean lean, it is to compare steaky pork bavin a bit, but such more healthy.

2. water outermost layer of skin makes: 200 grams add flour corn is oily 70 grams, divide again second add water 90 grams, knead dough, knead a little while more forcibly, make its have tenacity more, next Tang 30 minutes.

? Tang face when the boiler on the lid is built or should cheat wet cloth, avoid dough appearance weather-shack.

? Making crisp skin commonly is to use lardy, this I try to use vegetable oil to do designedly, the result also is not1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Constant crisp, the mainest is more healthy.

3. short makes: 160 grams add flour corn is oily 80 grams, become a group with divide evenly.

After 4. dough Tang is good, become pull of water outermost layer of skin 8 agents child, short also divides 8. The lid is good protect wet.

Cent becomes 8 minutes here, the moon cake that makes is a bit big, go up with the street the build of fresh pork moon cake that sell is about the same, do not have me to was done delicately last year.

5. takes dose of outermost layer of skin of a water child, press a circle, reassume a short, with water outermost layer of skin the bag rises. All after 8 are done, on the belt wet basket cloth guarantees Shi Jing place 20 minutes.

The small dough roll with good quiet place 6. becomes bovine tongue model, roll1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai
Had compared a bit thinlier.

 Recipe of improved moon cake

The from the top down after 7. roll is good coils, all dough coil on rear cover wet basket cloth, guarantee wet quiet place 20 minutes.

8. coils the face end up squash, again form of tongue of roll growing ox, furl again.

9. dough coils entirely on good rear cover wet basket cloth, again quiet place 20 minutes.

10. takes a face to coil, press with middle finger press a face to coil mid, hold the both ends of cock together.

After 11. holds dough of a circle, become the model of dumpling skin with rolling pole roll, among a bit thicker, the edge is a bit slighter.

12. puts stuffingForum of Shanghai night net

Shanghai night net
Intermediate bag rises, transfer to a lower level of day of the binding off after the package is nice is entered bake dish.

Surface of every moon cake brushs 13. on egg fluid, scatter onShanghai noble baby communicates an area

Forum of Shanghai noble baby
Sesame seed.

? Actually here should brush yoke fluid, do Huang Huang, more beautiful, but I forgot, brushed entire egg fluid, the effect is same, but it is color good-looking without yoke fluid.

14. oven warm-up 200 degrees, will bake dish of lower level in be being put, fluctuation is baked 200 degrees make 30 minutes.

The temperature of every oven is different, time offers reference only.

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